Thursday, January 6, 2011

CT Scans & An Update

I got copies of Addy's CT scans at a follow-up appointment today. This was her first scan, from September. Note the off-center soft spot at the top of her head.

Another view of the scan. Note the line running down the side of her head. That is what an OPEN suture looks like.

And this is the right side of her head. Notice you can't even see the suture line. It is completely closed up. (The little dent-like mark on her forehead is just a marker, not actually part of her skull.)

And this is what her scan looked like a couple days after surgery. Kinda freaky looking, but amazing!

Left side.

Right side. The patchy spot is where the surgeon filled in an open area with a bone paste. Pretty fascinating if you ask me!

And here's what she looks like from the outside, 4 weeks post-op (last week), sporting a new hat from her aunt. :-)

Addy is doing great! Dr. M seemed particularly pleased with how Addy's surgery turned out. He said her head is put together a lot more smoothly than a lot of kids he's done. I definitely think she looks great, and I anticipate it will only get better! Now if we could just figure out how to avoid eye surgery... :-)