Monday, September 19, 2011

Eye Doctor Update for August

We went to the eye doctor for another check-up a couple of weeks ago. Addy's eyes are still doing pretty well. The left eye, which has been the weaker one all along and tended to turn outward before the surgery, is still somewhat weaker than the right and now tends to turn inward a bit.

We were instructed at our last visit (in late June) to resume patching her right eye to strengthen the left. That seemed to help at first, to the degree that I actually thought I saw her starting to use her left eye more than her right, or at least using them about half and half. I called her doctor's office to report this, and they said that we could stop the patching for a while if we wanted. Well... her favoring for the right eye came back after a bit, but we were not super consistent about patching.

After this last visit, we are back to patching more consistently again. The doctor didn't seem too concerned about it, though, and didn't increase her patching regimen to anything more than it was before. She basically said it's about trying to get both eyes to equal strength, and hopefully she will eventually realize that she can see better if she uses them both together instead of separately.

Her doctor also gave us a light prescription for glasses. I requested this, since Addy is slightly nearsighted and has a slight astigmatism in her left eye, and I thought it might help her get her vision more on track. Her doctor said it was worth a try. We haven't gotten any glasses for her as of yet, but we are hoping to do it soon.

Addy continues to improve in her coordination and motor skills... She has started feeding herself some and is finally WALKING! Yay!

And of course, she continues to be a little cutie patootie...

...Also, she apparently likes to suck on black markers. Thankfully, they were non-toxic washable markers, so it was all good. :-)


Jignesh Patel said...

I am following this site closely as we were just diagnosed with the same for our 2 months old daughter. Exact same situation It would be great if there is a way my wife and I can talk to you. We would be very grateful of you.
Looking forward to your response

Jessica said...

Jignesh: I am not sure how to respond to your comment other than by replying here, so I'm hoping you'll be checking back! I would be happy to talk to you. You may email me any questions at I don't normally use that address, but I try not to put out my usual address in public. I will make sure to check there for your message and then reply from my usual address. Wishing you well!