Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2 Post-Op, AM Update

Addy's drainage tube was removed this morning, so she is officially wireless! ;)

We had an adventure with her IV last night, though. She had an IV in her foot, but she kicked it off yesterday afternoon (didn't seem to hurt... she hates things on her feet, so I think she was happier without it). Addy already has a bunch of marks from other sticks (apparently others were having the same problem before they got the original IV in), so it was really hard to find a good spot that hadn't already recently been poked. A lady from the IV team came in and stuck her three times trying to get a line in and was unsuccessful. Another lady came in, looked for a while, and said she couldn't find any good place to stick... Later, two more ladies came in and stuck her twice more before they finally gave up. By this point, Addy was so upset and exhausted, and I was in tears. POOR BABY!!! I really can't blame the nurses (although I was a little ticked that they kept saying they wouldn't stick her unless they found a good vein and then stuck her anyway)... but the doctor in charge was apparently pretty set on having an IV in. Finally, the pediatric nurse was able to convince him to switch her to oral meds so she didn't need an IV. (If he had been in the room watching this whole thing, I have a feeling he would have changed his mind a lot faster.) THANK YOU, LORD!!!

The swelling is supposed to be at its worst today... Her eyes are pretty swollen at this point, but so far she can still open them a least a tiny bit. She will have a CT scan this afternoon to check up on everything. Please be praying this day will go well, especially that she will be able to keep down all her oral meds. Addy has a bit of phlegm in her throat and a little cough, so she has been tending to cough and gag a little when the meds are going in, and a bit of her pain medication came up last time. Thankfully, she seems to be doing okay on pain, and the IV was more for the purpose of antibiotics, which she did keep down. I am really hoping and praying we can keep it this way and not have to put her through anymore of what happened last night!!!

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