Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2 Post-Op, PM Update

I am pretty sure Addy's swelling reached its peak this afternoon. This was the day I was dreading almost more than the day of the surgery... but it turned out to be not so bad at all!

As I mentioned in my last post, the drain in Addy's head was removed this morning. (She took that like a champ, by the way!) Our nurse who came in afterward was actually a little irritated with the doctors for removing it so soon, because she thought there might be more to drain. This could have potentially contributed to a little extra swelling today, but the nurse later said she must have been wrong because the drainage site hadn't weeped too much after the tube was removed. So most likely it was going to swell about as much as it did anyway.

Addy's eyes were getting pretty tight this morning, but by this afternoon, all I could see was a tiny sliver of eye when she was really trying. Thankfully, she took this like a champ, too, and barely complained at all! It also helped that she slept most of the later morning and afternoon, so she didn't have to struggle with it for long. (I'm thinking this could be partly a credit to the oral antibiotics, which I discovered were probably making her pretty groggy.)

By this evening, her eyes were opening just a little more again, and she was able to see enough to be in a surprisingly good mood! I put her in her stroller and walked her around the halls for a bit, stopping to see a giant fish tank they have here. We watched the fish for a while, and then she turned to me and leaned forward to give me kisses. It was SO sweet!! :-) She then proceeded to smile and even giggle just a little as I played with her for a bit. I can't wait till my girlie is back to normal again... she is getting there!

Oh, also... the reason the doctors wanted to go ahead and remove the drainage tube was so that she could get her follow-up CT scan. We did that this morning not long after the tube was removed, and Addy cooperated very well and settled down into a doze for the scan. Yay!

She is sleeping peacefully right now, so I think I am going to hit the sack before long. I just put up some pictures of our journey over the past few days, so anyone who hasn't already seen the link on Facebook can check it out here. Caution: the reason I am not posting these on the blog is because they might be a little icky for anyone who is a bit squeamish. I really don't think they're that bad, but then I'm used to seeing things like this by now. So view at your own risk. ;-)

OH! And did I mention we can probably go home tomorrow morning? YAY!!!! :-)

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Becca said...

She is such a brave little girl! And you can already see some of the changes!